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Italian Mediation Model - Video

by Leonardo d'Urso

August 2018

This article discusses how Italy has approached the initial mediation session.

This helps people to find the difference between the mandatory and voluntary approach to mediation.


Leonardo D’Urso is the Co-founder and CEO of ADR Center, the first European private mediation provider in terms of number of mediations administrated. Since 1998, he has resolved more than 800 national and international complex civil and commercial mediations. With almost 19 years of full-time work in the field of ADR, he is responsible for the managing of ADR Center’s activities, the opening of over 27 Resolution Center in Italy and the creation of ODR Center, an innovative cloud platform developed to manage the mediation process. Senior expert in different international projects on ADR in Europe, Africa, Asia and Central including activities for the creation of a mediation center in Kabul, Afghanistan. He has also been lecturing on Negotiation Techniques and ADR at a number of Universities, Chambers of Commerce, Public Organizations and multinational corporations, and is also author of several publications on negotiation and mediation.


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