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James J Mathie
Mathie Mediation Services LLC

Hi, this is Jim Mathie. Thanks for taking the time to consider me to assist you in resolving your dispute.

Mediation offers advantages that you can’t get in litigation. Significantly, you get to determine whether to resolve your dispute and how to do it. That won’t happen in court. Someone will win and someone will lose. Sometimes both side ... more

757 North Water Street
Suite 350
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 585-0650
Fax: (855) 427-6640
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Michael Pollack
After more than 30 years of civil litigation practice, I find that negotiated agreements are much more expeditious, economical and satisfying means of resolving business disputes and legal claims. I will come to your location or arrange for neutral space throughout Southeast Wisconsin. ... more
P.O. Box 170137
Milwaukee, WI 53217
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