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Stefanie Beninato

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PO Box 1601
Santa Fe, NM 87504


Description of Practice

Stefanie Beninato graduated from UC Berkeley (Boalt School of Law) and has a Ph.D. in US West/modern US and modern Latin American history from the University of New Mexico. She has had hundreds of cases (particularly mediation) and hundreds of hours of training on mediation, facilitation and arbitration as well as specific areas of law. She is keenly interested in human interactions and relational dynamics. Her chief goal is to help people resolve their conflicts in a way that works for all involved. Stefanie sees conflict as an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and others, improve our communication skills and increase our empathy.

Professional Background

I have a law degree and a doctorate in history. Although I am licensed in the state of NM, I practice only alternative dispute resolution methods and collaborative law. I have had over 400 hours of training of all sorts regarding substantive, ethical and methodological approaches/practices. My background allows me to understand that if people can't communicate, there will be strife, and I know that facilitation of all kinds is more humane and humanistic than the traditional legal process.


Over 550 mediation cases, dozens of faciliations and arbitrations. Experienced communication/managment and mediation coach and trainer; meeting mangement; personal communication and conflict coach. Mediations cases include workplace/EEOC; divorce/family; business and construction contracts; landlord-tenant; neigbors; community/boundaries/land and water. Faciliation includes environmental issues (sustainability, land and water issues), education and healthcare issues. Arbitrarion: consumer issues.


Solution oriented; creative; collaborative where possible; start from what is working; employ good listening skills and reflect back adequately so parties know they are being heard. Don't ignore emotions--recognize and explore them (latter when appropriate) rather than see them as barriers or obstacles.


Sliding scale for divorce and family See www.nmmediate for more info; Business/community $100/hr or $40/hr/party when more than 2 parties Government and nonprofit $60-75/hr

Other Information

Mediated by internet and by conference call as well as in person. Mediated cases in NM, AZ, CO, NY, CA, Great Britian, and LA

Areas of Practice

  • Business
  • Civil (general)
  • Commercial
  • Community
  • Construction
  • Contracts
  • Criminal
  • Cross Cultural
  • Divorce (all issues)
  • Divorce (parenting)
  • Education
  • EEOC
  • Employment
  • Engineering
  • Environmental
  • Family
  • General
  • Health Care
  • Insurance
  • Labor - Management
  • Land Use
  • Landlord - Tenant
  • Legal Malpractice
  • Native American
  • Organizational
  • Personal Injury
  • Professional Fees
  • Public Policy
  • Real Estate
  • Securities
  • Technology
  • Victim - Offender
  • Workplace

Professional Services

  • Mediator
  • Communication Skills Trainer
  • Systems Designer
  • Fact-Finder
  • Mediator-Arbitrator
  • Mediation Consultant
  • Mediation Trainer
  • Representational Lawyer
  • Staff Developer
  • Ombud
  • Conflict Coach
  • Mediating Lawyer
  • Arbitrator
  • Collaborative Professional
  • Facilitator
  • Online Mediator
  • Online Arbitrator
  • Custody Evaluator


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