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Elaina Simpson

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4740 Chevy Chase Dr
Bethesda, MD 20815
(301) 742-9696

Description of Practice

Mediation is for anyone, and everyone. It is preventative just as it is curative. We are here to serve you. Depending on the nature of the case, you will work with either Elaina or Brian Simpson, or both. We are happy to offer this option to eliminate any suggestion of gender bias. We are both happy to work with you. In mediation, you'll find that mediators are an unbiased, impartial, third party. We are here to facilitate a beneficial outcome and we are interested to hear your creative solutions. This mediation is for you, so you deserve to feel the most comfortable. Before the mediation, we will discuss a comfortable setting of your choosing (a conference room, a living room) and the mediation is tailored to your needs. Mediation is a wonderful way to resolve issues at work or in business agreements, relationship, or family matters. Elaina had first hand experience as a young girl of how stressful, long and drawn out courtroom litigation can be for divorces. Both of us strive to make the mediation process easy, efficient and comfortable. Your kids are welcome under certain circumstances. We have experience working with LGBTQ+ families. No matter what type of mediation this is, we approach each mediation with love, compassion and empathy. We never take sides, but support the process. You may also find healing in not only your relationships, but yourself. We are grateful to serve the greater Washington, D.C. area and beyond!

Professional Background

We are a certified husband and wife team with over 500 hours of combined mediation training. We have also taught communication and mediation workshops in colleges and in leadership programs. We found our love for mediation while we were getting our Bachelor's. We started a mediation team in our college days and traveled to many countries competing, traveling, and honing our mediation skills. Years ago we were trained by our mentor, Richard Calkins, who wrote a textbook on mediation and mediated a wide range of cases... From over 900 cases of molestation in the Catholic Church, to mediating major US airlines, all with a 98% success rate. We valued our years of training under his wing. Both Elaina and Brian have been awarded "All-American" mediators at the national level, where judges observe the mediator's skills in mock cases in front of large audiences. We have also been recognized internationally, as we led our team to claim the #1 spot at the time. Our training was a wonderful time, and we still continue to do professional development as we do different mediation cases today.


Aside from mediation, Elaina also has spent years working (and continues to) under her church as a practitioner. She works for individuals seeking healing in their families, relationships, business agreements...etc Both Elaina and Brian have led communication and mediation workshops for youth leadership organizations as well as in private highschools and colleges. Aside from mediation, Brian is the manager of client relationships and the sales team for a global company- resolving conflicts daily and working to promote a healthy work culture.


Previously, Elaina got her bachelor's from Principia College majoring in Education and minoring in Religion. Elaina used her education degree to research the most effective ways to communicate. Brian received his bachelors in Political Science from Principia College. Our husband and wife team has attended over 30 mediation seminars and workshops all together, and we continue to value professional development.


Our mediations are tailored to the case and your needs. Let us know what you need, and what will make you feel the most comfortable.


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Professional Services

  • Mediator
  • Custody Evaluator
  • Counselor
  • Mediation Consultant
  • Conflict Coach
  • Strategic Planning
  • Facilitator
  • Online Mediator